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Experience the next level of efficiency and innovation. Our Cloud hosting environment is engineered to elevate your workloads, offering unparalleled performance, security, and scalability. Join us on the journey to a future-forward digital experience

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Alaan Overview

Alaan attention from the very beginning to deliver hosting and cloud services with clear scope, timelines, and reasonable cost. Moreover, the obligations of each part are precisely defined beforehand to nail down deliverables as the initial attention.

All services available are governed by the Libyan national law and regulations as well as the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) IT Governance Guidelines.

Aiming to engage in various businesses, including but not limited to

Private and Public Banks

Fortify banking operations with

our secure cloud infrastructure. Reliability, compliance, and innovation for the future of


Fintech Corporations

Secure the fintech future. Our agile, compliant cloud services propel innovation, ensuring fintech corporations lead in the financial revolution.


Elevate your enterprise to new heights with our comprehensive cloud solutions. Unleash innovation, scale seamlessly, and thrive.

Governmental Offices and Ministries

Transform governance with our robust cloud services. Secure, efficient, and responsive solutions for public service excellence.

Enterprises Fintech corporations Private Banks public banks Governmental offices ministries
Our Services & Features

Your services in an advanced Data Center and Infrastructure.

Alaan IaaS

Simplified OpenStack hyperconverged IaaS, offering virtualization, storage, orchestration, network, and UI components.

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Rack rental and Colocation

For businesses seeking secure spaces for their servers in Tripoli, Rack Colocation presents the optimal solution.

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Storage as a Service

Leverage S3 object storage, file, and block storage services to minimize investment in on-premise storage systems.

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Maximize your business impact with our IT consultancy, optimizing infrastructure for efficiency, security, and compliance assurance.

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Migration Service

Moving from bare metal or any cloud platform to Alaan Cloud is fully automated, efficient, and secure, with the capacity to handle a variety of workloads.

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Alaan PaaS

Elastic, high-performance Platform-as-a-Service solution for developers to provide Easy Cloud Management and DevOps Automation.

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Security And Confidentiality Of Your Data

Secure your digital assets with advanced firewalls, VPN mastery, and dynamic services. Elevate data confidentiality, fortify your network, and embrace a future-ready security solution.

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Availability, Data Redundancy, and Replication

Benefit from automatic recovery, achieving high availability even in the face of server or component failures. Experience storage performance up to 3.5x faster than Ceph.

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Easy management with Self-Service Panel

A web-based control panel that allows end users to manage virtual objects, such as virtual machines, volumes, virtual networks, and other, in isolated administrative environments.

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Maximum Performance

High data throughput with low CPU utilization and low latency for applications that require fast and massive parallel high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.

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Alaan Datacentre & colocation

Introducing Alaan's state-of-the -art Datacentre , tailored to offer excellency of cloud services and co-location hosting to a diverse clientele, including Enterprises, Fintech Corporations, Private and Public Banks, and public sectors, including ministries.

For potential clients who may have their own hardware and networking equipment, Alaan co-location services provide all datacentre environment required from cooling, power, fire suppression system and sustained connectivity.

Alaan's advanced datacentre, equipped with top-notch redundancy, scalability, and physical security features, with round-the-clock support and monitor. Alaan's highly qualified operations team handles the installation, expansion, and maintenance of datacentre's physical facilities either on customers' premise if asked or on Alaan's premise.

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About Us

Alaan is a public cloud services provider in the Libyan market. It delivers state-of-the-art cloud technologies with high consistency and professional support.

Alaan ensures meeting customers’ needs at a quality level regardless of their demands and tunes these demands in a better shape and beyond their expectations. Customers may seek public, private (on Alaan or on their premises), or hybrid cloud services, shared or dedicated, all professionally designed, delivered, and hosted on Libyan soil.

Our Vision

Alaan’s team aims to provide datacenter, and private or public cloud services from ground up based on customers’ needs. Alaan may offer an affordable migration plan from existing on-premises or other cloud stacks to Alaan its own cloud stack. With Alaan consistency and support, customers will pay less for more.

Our Mission

Cloud services adoption has become a trend in the local market and elsewhere. Alaan envisions its mission to be a key market player nationally and in the region in a few values delivered to the market.

Our Objectives

    Profitable growth
    • Elevate budgetary constraints for different businesses from small to enterprise.
    • Increase business agility in terms of on-demand services availability.
    Operational excellence
    • Eliminate End-Of-Life concerns of hardware and software alike.
    • Leverage new technologies such as machine learning, AI, and cloud-native tools in a matter of minutes.
    Customer experience
    • Consolidate datacenters because customers no longer must manage their own on-premises datacenter.
    • Business growth acceleration as cloud service maintain autoscaling and data management in a few clicks.
Fast, stable and secure

All customers' data geolocated in Libya

Situated in Tripoli, Alaan's datacentre ensures the safeguarding of equipment via security surveillance system, a resilience cooling system, and a well-structured powering system, including redundant UPS and diesel generators. All datacentre facilities adhere to a number of standards and compliances that ensure Alaan's due diligence to its customers and their services with high quality, availability and confidentiality.

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Tripoli University district, Fakini division, opposite Yathrib Private School.

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